Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY Futbol/Soccer Goodies For Papa

Now this is an easy to make, super awesome game time treat!  
And nothing tells the men in our lives how much we care like them thinking that we have cooked for them all day and not only that...that the fact that the thing we made during that "labor of love" is sports related!  (They don't know that this is almost instant, and please don't tell them!)

The next thing up for grabs is a can-cozy cover-up.  Most men have that one, or two, or seven dirty, old, grimed-up can cozy(ies) that they lug around with cans or bottles of soda (or what-have-you) in them.  We, as the women in their lives have a responsibility to remedy this..(without causing a war!)

I have our solution!  I read that if you put wide, clear tape (like clear packing tape) over paper on a room temp. water bottle, it becomes a water-proof label for water bottles...okay.  Now, let's make trivial bit of nothing work for us!   

We over-haul the stinky, grimy can cozies using this same concept!

This is how this works:
Step 1.)  Sanitize said cozy (throw it in the dish water, add bleach if needed and scrub like the dickens!)
Step 2.)  Let the clean cozy get nice and dry, and make sure it is still all intact (or mostly so.)
Step 3.)  Download and print out this free cozy cover(shown directly above, but not actual size) and cut it out.
Step 4.)  Fit this as best as you can around the clean, dry cozy (there may be extra "cozy" exposed, for this just make sure that the old wording and/or the biggest stains are covered, or if there is no decent space to leave bare...cut off a piece of left over scrap paper  to the same height and big enough to fill the gap, use a small piece or two of clear tape (scotch-tape will work for this) to hold it (the cover-up paper) in place.
Step 5.) Snugly yet carefully stretch wider clear tape (the clear packing/boxing type tape) all the way around making sure that no paper is left exposed. (This may take several pieces, according to how wide your tape is.)

Done. It's covered and the design won't be easily effected by spillage AND at least SOME of the nasty is hidden!  (and he's probably not even mad about it!)

Let's show our men some love...and make it look like it was hard work! ;)  I won't tell them that the cupcakes are a quick and easy snap to make, or that the cover-ups weren't your idea and design!  Shoot, claim that fame!  (It makes them feel good to know that they are important enough for you to go through ALL of that TROUBLE and put in all that HARD WORK just for them!)

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