Thursday, May 29, 2014

Free Printable Bilingual File Folder Game For Learning Colors

Let's start off with the legalities:
Sesame Works is the owner of all things Sesame Street, my sad renderings were not created by Jim Henson or any Sesame Works affiliates.  Please do not sell this product, or claim that the images included are "Sesame Street (anything)" for the purpose of selling any part of this download.  Yayaya.  Did I cover it all?  Cool.  Let's get really started!

..., I made my own game!

And then it went nuts!  It started as a simple 6 sectioned board/page, each section marked with it's own color.  I used the colors from the rainbow (red-purple) and then I made little "medallions" with character faces on them to match up.

That turned out okay, so I kept it's a full game with 26 medallions with 4 skill levels, and now it's bilingual (Sp/En)!

If I had to give this an age range, I would say that this is for 18 months and up.  

PDF download file has 5 pages, one 6 section board, 3 pages of medallions and 1 page of instructions.

The instructions are in Spanish for this one, but it's simple: 1.) print,  2.)cut out circles (medallions) but not the ones from the 6 sectioned board! 3.) Match medallions color to board section colors.

**As the levels progress you will find that some medallions have more than one color or have "shades" that allow them to belong to several categories.  Grow baby brains, GROW!!!**



I also have a full English version available, simply click the link below.

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