Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Let's Be Prepared With These Disaster Checklist Posters

Today is the one year anniversary of the tragic disastrous day when tornado's ripped through Oklahoma.  Shredding a town and lives as it went.

Savethechildren.org has kindly offered up free poster downloads to help family and child care professionals to be better prepared for when disasters strike!

These posters are available on the same page with options for "parents" and for "child care professionals" and both are offered in English or Spanish.  And yes, they are free of charge. Simply download your choice(s) and print.

Disasters happen when when and where they do, and usually there's not much time for last second planning.  Being prepared may just save your family!

Take care, be well, be prepared!

This link is to the main site to were you can learn more about that tragic happening a year ago, and what steps have been taken in getting things back to normal. MAIN PAGE   Find out how and if you can help with disaster relief.

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