Monday, May 26, 2014

Zippered Baggies+Breakfast Foods+Freezer=Sleeping Late!

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I never thought much of sleep when I was younger (life-before-motherhood)!  I either got sleep or I didn't and my day went on regardless.  

Now, as the mother of a very active toddler and the wife of a man who works 12-16 hour days in the summer (sometimes 6-7 days a week), sleep is a thing that treasure! (It's a rareity and a real treat to get!)

I have been working on ways to catch more sleep (2-4 hours a night for better than 2 years at this point is not doing it for me!)  Many nights I am up with a baby who has yet to learn to go to bed at any reasonable hour, until sometimes 2 AM, and up before my husband to prepare him for his day before 5 AM.  I can't really be mad at the baby, he's a baby.  Likewise I can't be upset that my husband relys on me to properly feed and coffee him before he starts his long hard day of outside, physical labor!  

But there just had to be a way to make my time more efficient.

I already purchase the pre-cooked turkey sausage links (they are quick and easy), but I refuse to pay for pre-cooked scrambled eggs, pancakes, or french toast (they are quick and easy, but not much quicker, and a lot more expensive than home made.)

So, I would get up and start the half-caff coffee and the cook up some eggs, dice some fruit, microwave some sausage links, etc. for my man each and every morning!  It wasn't hard, but it did take a some time and effort and I don't like to spend time or effort before I am even awake!

All of that being said, a few weeks ago while I was cutting wheat bread into fourths (like little squares) and getting ready to mix some egg for my son's french toast and berries breakfast (one of his favorites) I thought to myself, "Why can't I just make more and freeze it? Then I can maybe sleep later?"..and then I giggled...sad, but true!  

Oh, how little it takes to make me happy...and the thought of five more minutes of sleep tickled me to pieces!

In the two weeks since that initial thought hit me, I have learned that I can take 20-25 minutes a week to prepare pancake medallions (mini pancakes), french toast, oatmeal, and even scrambled eggs, in advance to put inside of individual zipper-sealing baggies and freeze a weeks worth of items. (I do two or three single "servings" per item.)  

He can tell me what he wants to breakfast the night before and I just grab it in the AM and BAM! breakfast is served!  I just empty the baggies onto/into plates or bowls, microwave them on high for 45 sec-1 min (according to what it is) and serve it with fruit! (PS, diced fruit lives nicely in small bowls in the fridge for like 3 days!)

I also started pre-filling my coffee maker with fresh coffee grounds and my water..., I just turn it on on my way to the bathroom!  

I am now effectively saving about 15 minutes a morning, and a lot of stress by giving up a little "free time" in exchange for a few more minutes of sleep! 

An exchange that I gladly make!

Note:  When freezing food items, to keep food tasting fresh and hopefully avoiding freezer burn I always squeeze or roll as much excess air from the baggie before sealing!

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