Monday, April 28, 2014

Free Printable: English/Spanish Bilingual Yard Sale Signs

Okay you guys, "Yard Sale Season" is open and we should all be getting prepared!

I have been attacking my closets and my extra storage space (my cars trunk), gathering, washing up, doing mild repairs, etc.  I MUST get rid of some things!

Believe it or not, it is easier to get people to buy things at a yard sale than to get them to come collect it for free!  I have several (when new) very expensive baby playthings...some with original values of well over than $200 that many people have commented on, and said that they would like to have when we were done with them.  So I would bleach and scrub and de-stink-and-sticky said item(s) and tell the people to come get it. I even replace batteries so that it's ready to go (many people gave things to me when Denver was new and they were for the most part ready-to-use, I liked that and try to pay it forward!)

So, what these same people could have got for free (and it might have even been delivered), they will likely come to my yard sale(s) and pay for these things and haul it off themselves!  People are so funny!

Anyhow, I not only have a bilingual household, I live in a split-cultured community.  My yard sales are equal opportunity; I don't care who buys the things that I am no longer using! :)

 So...I have made these bilingual yard sale signs to let people know how to get to mine, and then decided to share these printable (PDF file) signs with all of you! :)  Just click on the link below the pictures (they are all in the same file, but if you need more than one of any certain one and can't get it to print individually email me at and I tell me which one(s) that you need seperately and I will send you an individual PDF file for you to make as many copies as you need.)


These will be fine on regular printer pager or for more stability use card stock.  There are two of the colorful "YARD SALE HERE TODAY" signs; this is is to place on either side of a stick so that people coming from both sides of the road can see them...just "sandwhich" them onto a stick or mail box stake, or something such thing with lots of scotch tape or some stronger packing-type tape (use what you have on hand.)  The right and left directional signs can like wise be put back to back to (on a stake/stick) set in a grassy median..set back to back they will be pointing in the same direction, so that if the one that you are looking at is pointing in the correct direction, the other should too...or just use them individually...up to you!:)

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