Thursday, May 15, 2014

FREE PRINTABLE Bilingual Signs For Around The House (Sleeping Baby, Wet Floor, Wet Paint) In Spanish and English

Okay, in my world there are people who speak in English and people who speak Spanish, and the count is about 50-50.

When people show up at my door at what should be an acceptable time (2:00 P.M. for example) but my baby is taking a nap, do they really have to knock like there is a violent emergency?!?

I wrote a little note to tell people (in both languages) when he was taking a nap and hung it on our front door.  That worked sometimes, just not so well when it rained.  

After that was a wash (pun intended), I decided to write up another sign and laminate it.  But then that seemed like a a lot of work for something crude.  

Okay, I'd buy one.  They have signs for everything and I have the internet...good plan!

Nope.  They have a thousand signs for "Shh...Baby's Sleeping" in English, and a few of the equivilant in Spanish, but none for less than $5.  And the ones in that price range were actually things for me to download and print myself!  And I didn't find any in both languages!

Really? I have to press a number to get someone who (roughly) speaks English, everything now-a-days comes in both languages!

Well, everything but what I need! And especially not for FREE....isn't there enough blogger moms and crafty people that there should be at least one free copy of just about anything that a person can print?!?!

Again, please let me say that this is not actually a craft page.  But it would seem to me that for those of us who live in that land-in-between that is ENGSPANOL we need things, and we don't have them; it is therefore up to us to help each other out so that we are all in the "have's"!

So, here are a few household signs that we can all plastic-sleeve, laminate or just thumb tack as-is in and around our homes when needed.  Just click the link below the pictures to go download then print.  

I hope that these are helpful to you and yours! :)

sleeping baby sign, sleeping owl

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