Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Printable Play Date Invitations In Spanish And In English

Okay, it's starting to warm up without being to hot for parents and  kiddies to invite other kiddies to have a play date at the park or in the backyard (let's avoid as much inside mess as possible, right parents?!?)

My family has friends and family that speak English only, some that are solidly Spanish speaking and others that are flexibly bilingual!

Though I don't intend on inviting every kid we know (no matter what language(s) they or their families speak) on the same day there is no reason not to have invitations that cater to all of Dinky's little friends and their parents.

So, for any combination of these two languages, I am prepared!

Here are pictures and below each is a link to the download. (Downloads are separate.)

*There are 4 invites per sheet (only a single invite shown per each in the pictures below.)

 Play Date Invitation (ENGLISH)

Fecha Jugar partido de la invitación (ESPAÑOL)

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