Thursday, May 1, 2014

Get Ready For Summer Reading Fun With Free Printable Bookmarks

Summer is almost upon us and for those with school aged children this means (for a lot of you) fighting with your child(ren) to knock out some of that "Summer Reading List" that magically appears and then quickly disappears at the end of each school year!

I am here to (hopefully) help!  For the next few days I will be posting free printable bookmark downloads.  Maybe the kiddies will like them and be tempted to use them...while reading...a real book...or that's how it worked out it in my mind. Some kids just aren't into reading, I am trying to convert them with cute designs.  It could's a today's offerings:

I decided to start today with these Blue and Pink Bookmark Sets. There is one English and one Spanish in both colors. *They come all on the same page and not individually.

This set seemed to fit my blog the best, but there are several other sets to come some English, some Spanish, all fun!  Stop back by each day to be the first to print the new sets as they are put up! :)


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