Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Rantings and Ravings Of A Fat Girl About Food (ENGSPANOL STYLE)

Have you ever made a dinner just using whatever you found in the kitchen and accidentally made something great!  Then, only to realize later that you should have taken a picture of it to show it off on social media, but didn't?!?

My household, like most other these days, lives on a food (and everything else) budget.  Having said that, let me also say that I haven't found time to go to the grocery store lately, so the mix-matching of "budget foods" was starting to become a bit of a challenge.

So, last night as I look in my refrigerator and cabinets for the ump-teenth time trying to figure out what to make I finally just sigh and pull out a dozen of eggs and a roll of breakfast sausage.  Breakfast for dinner is not so bad, right?

Well, things still didn't go as planned.  It turns out I didn't have enough flour to make biscuits, and not enough bread for toast last night and the hubby's lunch today.

(Light bulb) I have an  idea!  There is a package of flat bread hanging out in the freezer, and two cans of black beans in the cabinet!

My husband's family ties are in Mexico and for him eating scrambled eggs alongside re-fried beans is a dinner worth setting up for!

...Everything is coming together in my mind now! As a child I loved it when my mom would crumble sausage in the pan (as if to make sausage gravy), and after it got browned (completely done) she would push the sausage to the side and scramble eggs (one pan method) and then when the eggs were done, combine the two.  We used to eat that with toast.  It was one of favorite breakfasts!

Now that the history lesson is over...this is what I ended up making...I made my mamma's egg-sausage contraption in one pan.  I threw the beans (which I drained a little of the juice off of first) into a pan of hot (lightly oiled) skillet and smashed up a little with the back of my spatula.  Dinner was on now in the true ENGSPANOL swing of things!.

However, it didn't stop there!  Beans were done (crusty-like), eggs and sausage cooked to completion and mixed, but it just wasn't right.  What now?...(Light-bulb) BLEND, BLEND, BLEND!  I through the egg-sausage combo into the finished beans, and then for giggles I shook some (the powdery-shaker-kind) Parmesan cheese  on top of the lot, then served it up with warm flat bread (to be eaten tortilla style)!!

Loved it.


....I didn't take a picture...  :(

We all do this, please share some of you best "broke-dinner" recipes below in the comment section?  Come on, I shared mine with you! :)

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