Monday, May 5, 2014

Learning To Count In Spanish Free Printable Flash Cards

Tomorrow my little Dinky will be 18 months old.  As of today he can count  to the number 8.
Well, he knows the numbers in both languages (English and Spanish) and numbers come out of his mouth mostly in order, but there isn't a specific language that he, it's sort of like this, "Un, soo, shree, siete, pibe, ocho.." get the picture.  But he does know the basic concept.

So I decided today to find him some flash cards to learn what these numbers look like.
Flash cards worked really well for us when we were learning site words (we still are learning them, I just haven't had the time to post new ones around the house yet.)  But he took to easy words like "on", "off", "up", and "down" life a duck to water!  
Hopefully this will work for us as easily, my only concern is that "on" was at the top of the light switch, "off" at the bottom, easy to catch on to.  These however will come without that visual direction, but we will figure it out.

I came across these brightly colored flash cards over at  I really like Amee and Bettijo's stuff, I will probably share links to a lot of it, or at least talk thier site it often!  They really are doing the "Super Mom" thing over there!  

Back to the point;  this is a free printable download that has the fronts of the cards (shown above) and back for the cards that are uber cute with little triangles all over them.  There were no directions on the "download page" (the link that I have listed), but it is super simple:

*You will need to print all of the pages once, but for the 4th page (the triangled backs) you will need three copies in total (only one is will show up in the download, just print only that page two additional times.)
*After all 6 pages are printed, glue the back side of "number sheets" to the back side of "backs sheet" (before gluing look to make sure that the "numbers" are properly lined up with the "backs" because they are not full sheet, you will see what I mean.)

*Once dried, cut out "number cards"

*Have fun learning (or die trying) ;)

It's that simple!  We are going to try this; I hope it works nicely for us, and for you too! :)

Good Luck To Us All!

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