Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 3 "Summer Reading" Free Printable Bookmarks

Okay, If you are just tuning in here then let's catch up:

Summer Reading lists are on their way!  Here at Life in ENGSPANOL  we are trying to get you prepared by offering up fun, free printable bookmarks.  This is the 3rd and last day that I will be posting new bookmarks, but they will remain here; come back anytime to print or reprint! :)

Just in case any of you have missed the two later posts there will be links at the bottom to take you directly to the pages for those.

Day one there were English and Spanish (there are 4 per page on every days offerings), yesterday there were only English bookmarks, today we have  Spanish ones.

Click the link below the pictures for the download; again, these are free.  You just have to download, print, enjoy with a good book! :)
*Card stock is my favorite choose for these, but if you don't have any on hand, regular printer paper will suffice (they just won't be as sturdy.)

Note: This was two pictures, the bookmarks in the PDF (download) are all side-by-side. :)

Links to past bookmarks:

This was a lot fun to put these together!  I know that my "graphic designing" are sorely lacking, but this has been one of my favorite projects so far!  I hope that you and your crew like them too! :)

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