Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Let's Talk Cognates For A Minute (Minute and Minuto Are Cognates)

Let's start with a vocabulary lesson:

(of a word) having the same linguistic derivation as another; from the same original word or root (e.g., English is, German ist, Latin est, from Indo-European esti ).

cog · nate 
KAG ˌ NAT / Enviar 
(de una palabra) que tiene la misma derivación lingüística como otro; de la misma palabra original o raíz (por ejemplo, el Inglés es, ist alemán, est América, desde esti indoeuropea).

(Thank you Google for the definition and the translation!)

For those of us who have a really hard time learning either Spanish (for English speaking folks) or English (for those who speak Spanish) but do not have that much trouble with "Spanglish" this makes all of that make sense! :)

Many of our words have common roots, or simply sound enough alike for us to understand these "cognate" words outside of our own language.

I have found some great help in learning some of these words.  There are great for children and early learners and those speak minimal of either said language (Eng/Esp).

I was at bilingualteacherclubhouse.com today and ran across a post from Ana over at Ingles360 that linked me to her page and this great download link list for SP/EN flash cards, mazes, matching games, memory cards and more!  Find it here  -->  INGLES360  (If you scroll past the pictures you will see a little floweredy box that is the direct link to the downloads page.)

Then for those of you who may just want a simple list with side-by-side comparisons (and that you can print without using colored ink) I have found this very simply designed wealth of awesome-sauce 3 page list from ColorinColorado.org.  It is no nonsense and ready for printing directly from the link listed at the end of this paragraph and I am going to be using this one with the hubby!  Find it here -->  Colorin Colorado. (This one is just right click and press print if your browser doesn't just offer up a printer icon.)

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