Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

The 4th of July has come again!  Today we eat watermelon, grill out, watch fireworks, and rejoice in the freedoms that we do have!

I hear all of the time about how our country is turning communist and our government has taken away all of our may well be headed that way, only God knows the truth of it; but as long as I can sit here and type what I just did to put out on a public forum (and be a woman to boot)...we still have many more liberties than many!

Thank you founding fathers for setting us free from a ruler who gave us no voice, and taxed is greatly.  Thank you founding fathers for trying to put together an iron clad contract to serve the people as a whole.  Thank you founding fathers for standing up for us one and all!  Today is about you and all of those things that you did to ensure that we do at least have the freedoms that we do today!

...Once more, I say, "Thank you!"

-Stephanie Corchado-C.

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