Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Beware of Dog"/"Cuidado con el Perro" Sign Free and Printable

Recently I received a request for this sign from a friend of my mothers.  

It's cute really that Mom as well as her friends think that I am particularly crafty...sweet really.  I am not really all that crafty, and my "works of art" will never make me rich, but I guess as long as it gets the job done the I am doing okay, right?!?!

Okay, beings that I have already created it I saw no reason not to share it here. 

This sign is more than likely going to be used outside, which means that it needs to be weather proof.  Lamination is the most obvious way to retain color (the sun will still bleach it over time, I suggest downloading the image when you go to print, or bookmarking this page for reprints when needed) and protect paper signs from the elements in general.  However, not everyone has a laminating machine or wants to pay some printing shop to laminate a free sign.  I have that covered!

A clear (at least on one side) gallon sized freezer/storage baggie is wider than this printout, but just a tad shorter.  NO PROBLEM!  This baggie, with a little (very little) work can act as a plastic coating almost as well as lamination (maybe not as classy, but it works great in a pinch or on a budget!), and it can be doubled for more strength.  I do recommend using two baggies!  

Directions for "laminating" this sign with  gallon sized baggies:

*print out of sign
*(2) 1 gallon sized zip-close freezer baggies per sign

Step 1: Take the printed out sign and trim off the excess white along the sided (skimming the sides of top and bottom bones)
(Here I have trimmed one side.  It will fit in the baggie now, but I liked the look of both sides trimmed.  It's up to you how much you trim, just make sure to trim it enough to fit into the bag.)

Step 2.  Slip sign into baggie. (Make sure that the face/front of sign can be read through the baggie, cheaper store brands seem to have clearer bags, but use what you have as long as you can still easily see/read the sign.)

Step 3. Flatten with your hand to remove air. Seal baggie.

Step 4.  Fold baggie around the sign for a snug fit and tape the extra plastic to the back of sign (making the baggie the size of the sign.) 

Step 5.  (this one is optional) repeat steps 2-4 by putting the filled first bag into the second bag (this is just for sturdiness) and following said directions.

Now it is ready to be hung on a fence, or door, or stapled to a post or stake...whatever you do with outside signs.. :)

PS.  This kind of baggie laminating can be used on my other signs as well...I'll link to them below.

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