Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Free Printable Bilingual Backpack/Belongings Tags

There seems to be a thousand free printable backpack tags that are in English, or have some cute design, but say nothing, having only a blank spot for a name to go.  (Yes, I am bored enough to randomly Google search things just to know if something exists or not...What?!?)

Anyhow, I couldn't find any bilingual and/or ones "en espanol".

So, I made some.

There are 4 sets of each per page.  If a person were to print them and place them blank side-to-blank side then there will be a proper tag, view-able from both sides.

There are two pages, one that was girl-inspired, one that was boy-inspired. (We don't judge here...your child(ren) should have whatever design that they like.  Please do not let my general labels limit your child's choices!)


Girl-Inspired Download Link                            Boy-Inspired Download Link

*NOTE* Many backpacks now come with that little dangly plastic sheath to slip in a tag (like luggage has.)  Some, however do not.  These can be bought for fairly cheap in the luggage selling area at most general merchants (Wal-Mart, etc.)


I failed to give credit where credit was due earlier...I am sorry.  Okay;  though I put these little things together by sizing them and giving them back grounds and name blanks there are only two "character's" that are my own art work on these tags.  The owl on the branch is my own work, as is the pink flower.  All other themes/characters were grabbed from Clip Art On Line.  Thanks guys! :)

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