Sunday, August 10, 2014

Feliz Dia de Los Abuelos/Happy Grandparents Day Card (Free Printable)

As September drawls nearer we are are running out of time to mail things internationally.  
This year (2014) National Grandparents day falls on Sept. 7.  
(It is on a different calendar day each year, I think.)

If your child is like many that I know, they may have grandparents abroad.  I know that this is a U.S.A holiday, but if your children are here aren't there feelings for their grandparents just as important no matter where the grandparents may be?!?  For that matter, they may be here in grand ol' U.S. and only read/comprehend Spanish or would just like a reminder that the old country is not forgotten.  

My in-laws have both passed from this world long ago, so my son won't be sending this card.  But it is with respect to them both I have created this bilingual (Spanish/English) "Happy Grandparents Day" card that is simply click, print, cut, and fold.

                                                 This is the what the card says on the inside.

This is what the whole printout looks like before being folded.

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