Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We Have Been Remodeled! Come See The New Face Of LIFE IN ENGSPANOL!

I had to take a break for a  while, but I am back.  And like my life needed a little reworking to make it right, so did the site! :)

We (it's only me, but it just looks less sad to write "we") here at Life In Engspanol felt the need to change up the place a  little.  Make it easier and faster to load, and hopefully with a little less distraction from the background.  

Remove the tape, cut the rope, we are re-opened!!!

Know that I will be actively posting again.  I will be sharing as well as creating more bilingual goodies to help with day-to-day life and will go back to using this as my venting place.  All back to normal..right? :)

Thanks to those of you who continued to visit through my time away, and just know that the best of ENGSPANOL is yet to come! 

-Stephanie Corchado-C.

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