Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bilingual and/or Multi-Cultural Character's Free Printable Round-Up!

It's Summer.  Our kids are bored, and unless you have a DVR you may be stuck watching that same Dora DVD for weeks at a time!!!  Thank goodness for the internet and YouTube and it's search function that let's us find older episodes, or at least partial ones, that aren't the same 6 from that last years Birthday gift disc!

I know that in my house my son has "friends" that live inside that TV and the "aputer" (Computer.  My son is 2.)  I have been so blessed that he is still into the "good guys", Dora, Maya & Miguel, Handy Manny, The Backyardigans, and Pocoyo.  He never really watches an entire episode, but if he can't hear to know that it's still know, in case he wants to go back to it!  I have hand picked these, and several others to be his "Go-to" shows.  These are some of my top pics for my multi-cultured, bi-lingual child.  We watch these (on the television) on several different channels, but my channels aren't likely to be yours, I will make a list of the big name companies that own the rights to these and that should make them easier for you to look up in your local, or providers listings directly under the characters photo's below along with the show name.

I am getting side tracked! :)  (It happens to me a lot!...Look, butterfly!...happened again!)

Okay, the theme of this post is to list some printable activities that include some of the most favorited characters in my house and what I assume to be big hits is all of our great Spanish-English community.  So that for those times when your little can't be "with" Handy Manny, he/she can still be playing with them!  (My son is learning the art of scribbling...coloring is play!)

Okay, so just find the picture of the character(s) below and click on the name/line below it and it should take you to a magical place (or website) that will allow you to print out coloring pages for free of that character and/or parts from popular episodes!  (NOTE: many of these pages will have links to other characters/shows, and/or activities if you want to poke around, have fun it...I did!)

I know that this is not a complete list of anyone's fav.s but it's a good start and all of these characters are important to me for their multi-cultural properties as well as just good, clean, learning fun!  

I hope that this has been helpful to you, and as much fun for you and your little ones as it was for me and my little guy to look them up...and test their links! ;)  (Dinky is stocked with color pages now!)

God bless!

-Stephanie Corchado-C.

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